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Advanced Arbor Care is your go-to for tree removal, trimming, and stump removal in Everett, WA!
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Tree Trimming | Advanced Arbor Care | Everett, WA | (425) 953-3470
Advanced Arbor Care has you covered for just about any task!
Tree Trimming
With years of experience and all the right equipment, my team and I can tackle almost any assignment!
Tree Removal
Stump Removal | Advanced Arbor Care | Everett, WA | (425) 953-3470
Advanced Arbor Care will remove it safely and efficiently so that you can be rid of it—permanently!
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Tree Trimming

Tree Removal

Stump Removal

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming | Advanced Arbor Care | Everett, WA | (425) 953-3470

Is there a problematic tree causing havoc in your back yard or blocking your view? Sometimes you do not need to remove...

Tree Removal

Tree Removal | Advanced Arbor Care | Everett, WA | (425) 953-3470

There are trees that enhance and beautify an outdoor space, and then there are trees that cause nothing but trouble. For the latter...

Stump Removal

Stump Removal | Advanced Arbor Care | Everett, WA | (425) 953-3470

When the tree is gone but the stump remains and causes an eyesore, eliminate it from your life! Advanced Arbor Care’s stump...

Handing All Your Tree Care Needs!

Welcome to Advanced Arbor Care

Trees are a beautiful part of any landscape, but sometimes they can cause more trouble than they are worth. When you find yourself in a situation with an unruly, dangerous, or unwanted tree, Advanced Arbor Care is here to help! I have been providing the Everett, WA area with professional arbor services for many years and look forward to helping you out with your project.

As an ISA certified arborist, I have the skills and knowledge to ensure that any tree stump removal service I provide is safe and efficient. Whether you need tree trimming, stump removal, stump grinding, or any other tree cutting service, my team and I will take care of it so that you can carry on enjoying your beautiful property.

My professional experience as an arborist ensures that all work is undertaken with the highest safety precautions. Many municipalities require permits before any tree cutting or removal is undertaken, and Advanced Arbor Care can apply for and obtain these on your behalf. Other tree companies often skip council paperwork to get the job done quickly, but I will never put you at legal risk.

Advanced Arbor Care’s tree cutting service will surpass all of your expectations. I am currently offering 10% off first time customers’ bookings, so do not hesitate to ring us and organize a consultation. I am one of Everett, WA’s best kept arbor care secrets, and I cannot wait to get started on your property!

The next time you need to take control of your overgrown front yard, back yard, or wider property, use Advanced Arbor Care. I am a highly qualified and certified arborist, and I am looking forward to handing all of your tree care needs!

An eye catching Dia Dora Cedar makes a distinguished entry marker to a unique local sheep farm, Florence Acres, Wash.
Advanced Arbor Care
This huge West Coast Maple makes a great tree in a rural farm setting. Can you find the spec of orange in the tree's center ? Sultan, Wash.

We will send our experienced climbers into the sky to safely remove a very tall evergreen, piece by tiny piece near a house, barn or business, Maltby, Wash.
Advanced Arbor Care
From a bush to a bonsai: Japanese Dwarf Hemlock in a garden setting, Granite Falls, Wash.
Advanced Arbor Care
A 100 year old King receives a stylish haircut, Lake Stevens.
Advanced Arbor Care
Mature "barrel" Arborvitae planted in 1983 by Advanced Arbor Care and fronted by a beautifully pruned Japanese Dwarf Pendula Maple, Monroe, Wash., currently owned by a family member of:
Advanced Arbor Care

Advanced Arbor Care

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